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Finn McCool

Finn McCool was the legendary protector of Ireland and Chief of The Fianna, the elite bodyguard to the High Kings of Ireland. Finn and The Fianna's heroic adventures and deeds are well known within the Irish community and if you reference, Finn McCool, on Google, you will see, not only the vast amount of links to his mythology, but also the many pubs, restaurants, organizations and clubs, that celebrate his noble name. What you will not see, is the Graphic Novel of the hero, or the Feature Film, or T.V. series. That, my friends, is about to change ... 

The time has come to honour our ancient Irish heroes and in the highest ways possible - by putting their fine names on the lips of true Clansmen and women, the world over. 

Below is an image of the dreaded, Goll McMorna, Chief of Clan Morna and arch enemy and murderer of Finn's father.

Finn's mythologies are filled with fantastic characters that make the true fantasy- action adventure stories possible. Below, we see John Walter's image of Finegas, the wise and deeply eccentric druid, who befriend's and mentor's Finn in the ways of earth magic and, true to the myths, catches the famed, "Salmon of Knowledge".

Throughout his life, Finn has a few truly magical mentors. One of the most important to Finn is his warrior mentor, Fiacuil, who trains Finn as a young man in the ways of the warrior. Everything from swordsmanship on the battle field, to the nobility of the High King's Court and how to rightly present yourself therein. Here's the first ever image of Fiacuil, drawn by John Walters.

All of the male warrior influence in the stories would not be complete without the power and beauty of the feminine. Here we see an image of Saba, Finn's true love. He first encounters Saba in the form of a white deer. She was cursed by the dark lord of the Underworld, Feer Doric, for refusing him. In the safety of Finn's hill fort we see her transform back into the stunning priestess of the fairy realm. Her descendants were the "Tuatha De Danann", an ancient race in Ireland that were driven into the Underworld.

"You've seen the Movies 'Braveheart', 'Rob Roy', 'Highlander' and recently, the Pixar animation, 'Brave'.  All great, and have one thing in common; they're Scottish. The magic, power and beauty that is Irish Story and Myth has seemingly been overlooked by Hollywood and the world, but not any longer - Irish legends and its Heroes deserve a place in our hearts with the graphic novel and up on the Big Screen.  By preordering your copy now, ready for next St. Patricks Day, you help us push this project out into the world and spread the traditional stories of Ireland and the legends of Finn McCool.

This ground breaking project will lead the way in the reemergence of the Celtic Warrior Heroes from Ireland. It will become part of your story, your history, not only for you, but for your ancestors. By honouring them, you honour the past, by honouring the past, you become the hero ...

Together we can forge a new honouring of the Heroes ... and this time it's IRISH and the Greatest Irish Hero there ever was, Finn McCool

     "When you are dust, how will you be remembered?"

By supporting this project you will literally create for yourself, and kin, a lasting legacy that you can feel deeply proud of. Part of what the Finn McCool stories stand for, is the mentoring and initiation of our youth. Providing young people with safe, integral and beautiful settings for them to explore their own personal power, while being mentored onto the pathway of adulthood by trustworthy mentor figures. The producer of the Finn McCool Project, supports the Irish Youth Foundation charity. The mission of IYF is to provide opportunities for children and young people facing adverse and extreme conditions to experience success in their lives. A percentage of profits made from the graphic novel of Finn McCool, will be donated to this inspiring charity based in Dublin, Ireland.

Above we see the young Finn on his first day of combat training with Fiacuil.

Below we see the Warrior Finn trying to kill the specter Aillen, however Art McMorna stands in the way not knowing that the spirit has manifested behind him, not good for ART ...

The below scene Is Finn's first meeting with the wild druid Finegas, at his forest home.

Below are seven images from Courtney Davis' art pack for this campaign. They are copies of original art from the Finn McCool's story. We are offering these as a part of perk donations. Please view listings on the right hand side of the campaign for more details.